Sebastiano Longano


I was still a kid when I became passionate about photography. I was amazed by the opportunity of making a moment immortal, of stopping a precious instant in a timeless frame.


As I was learning to juggle the camera and mastering the tricks of the trade, I was also becoming aware of my need to bring my art to everyone. This brought me to found my first small studio in Pomigliano d’Arco when I was only 18 years old.


Since then, I have perfected myself as a photographer, understanding how to capture the beauty hidden in every look and every smile.


I still spend much time in training and professional updating with international courses and workshops. I believe that behind a great photographer there is always a struggle for commitment and preparation.


My dream has become bigger and bigger over time and this was made possible also, and mostly, thanks to the appreciation I have received from my customers every day. On 19th December 2018 I decided to inaugurate a new studio in Marigliano, which was focused on a totally innovative concept. Its industrial chic style was curated by the master florist Luca Antignani, an icon of the Wedding Flower Design.


What was just a bet with myself has turned into a solid entrepreneurial reality since more than 10 years, offering photographic services for Wedding and Baby Collection and working in Italy and abroad.